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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Description

There are tons of bubble shooting games out there, but nothing hits the spot quite like playing the classic Bubble Shooter game. Enjoy the beautiful, bright colors of the bubbles as you navigate your way through thousands of levels.

This is one of the most iconic mobile games on the market and is the perfect family-friendly experience for kids and adults alike. If you're looking for a relaxing game to play at the end of a long day or something to keep the kids occupied for a bit, then Bubble Shooter could be the perfect app for you.

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  • Price: Free
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: Bubble Shooter

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How To Uninstall
  1. Tap Settings Menu
  2. Open The Application Manager
  3. Select The App
  4. Press "Uninstall"
  1. Tap & Hold App Icon
  2. Wait Until All App Icons Wiggle
  3. Release & Tap Small "X" Icon Above App
  1. Open The "Apps List"
  2. Select App To Remove
  3. Wait For Menu To Open
  4. Tap "Uninstall" In Newly Opened Menu
  5. Confirm "Yes" To Uninstall App

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter Review

Bubble Shooter reviewerMarc

Colorblind Mode

It always bums me out to know that someone is colorblind and can't enjoy all of the stunning colors that the rest of us enjoy in gaming and in general. If you're colorblind and want to experience the best graphics the game has to offer, then make sure to turn on the colorblind mode in the Bubble Shooter app settings before you start your game.

Lots of Levels

There are over 3,000 levels in Bubble Shooter and the developers are continually adding more stages all the time. Because there are so many different ways to arrange the bubbles in each puzzle, there is no chance of getting bored with the gameplay.

Too often, games like this only have a few hundred levels and can be beaten rather quickly. If you are looking for a bubble shooting game that presents a challenge with lots of intricate levels, then Bubble Shooter is the game for you.

No Wi-fi Needed

There's nothing more frustrating than finding a game you really enjoy and not being able to play it because of a poor or lacking an internet connection. Luckily, you don't have to have an internet connection to play Bubble Shooter.

This means that you can play the game while you're on a long commute or stuck waiting at the doctor's office or killing time on your lunch break. Although you can share your progress with friends through Facebook if you want to, the idea that the game can be played offline means you'll never have to worry about unwanted messages from other players, simply play the game offline to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Bubble Shooter has slowly become a favorite pastime for me when winding down at the end of my day. I love that it's simple enough for my children to play but challenging enough that I don't find myself getting bored.

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