Cats & Cosplay: Badland Battle

Cats & Cosplay: Badland Battle

Cats & Cosplay: Badland Battle Description

You love cats & tower defense games? Then Cats & Cosplay is just your jam. Denis and his meowing sidekick Feline are set to free the kingdom of the hover-board riding Cat Clone villain. Help them by destroying endless waves of enemies using superhero skills, granny canes and many other jaw dropping weapons. Battle over 50 enemies and set your kingdom free. MEOW!

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  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Pixel Pros

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Cats & Cosplay: Badland Battle

Cats & Cosplay: Badland Battle Review

Cats & Cosplay: Badland Battle reviewerMarc

Cats & Cosplay is an exciting rendition of the infamous tower defense gaming category. Typically, players would engage in epic battles against grave enemies to protect the city or barracks in which they are sworn to protect. However, in Cats & Cosplay, you roam the streets of your neighborhood as Denis, a dabbing cat-lover who is fighting against many adversaries who are threatening the streets of his town. 

Denis isn't fighting this battle on his own. However, there are many feline friends he can choose from to campaign by his side as the dogs, birds, blobs, and more, wreak havoc on the streets. 


Protecting The Town As Denis 

Denis is the protagonist of Cats & Cosplay; he is in charge of placing cats throughout the streets to defend their homes. Denis also has a few tricks of his own hidden up his sleeve; Denis throws down mines, calls on plasma to strike his foes and commands the army of cats who follow him. 

There are a lot of options for dressing up Denis for his epic fight but choose his outfit wisely, because his success or failure may fall on what you dress him in. Each costume has unique stats, so although you might think one looks exciting or funny, you want to check out the player stats it effects before making your decision. 


Who Doesn't Love An Army Of Cats? 

When you download Cats & Cosplay from your device's play store, you will instantly note the affinity the creator has for felines. Not only does Denis have to battle the enemies in the streets of his town, so do his many feline friends. Each cat acts as a weapon and offers a different set of skills to bring to the table. Some cats will throw fire, others will roam the roads with you and attempt to claw any creatures who come near, and some even send out drones to help you. 

It is an interesting concept, to say the least, to have cats in a tower defense game, but when you see the little dogs and birds running toward them to their doom, it is quite an amusing concept. 


Keeping Up With The Waves 

Like any tower defense game, you will have to observe your territory carefully. No enemies are to cross a certain point, and you must defend your cat's and towers as best you can. 

There are 24 levels to complete in Cats & Cosplay, and each one increases in difficulty as you progress. New enemies will appear in the midst of battle, and it is up to you to use quick judgments to adjust your defenses as needed. 

Denis is in charge of monitoring the cats and towers to see if they need healing or upgrades, but he also has to keep an eye out for enemies in his vicinity as well. You are definitely in for a challenge when you download Cats & Cosplay in the play store! 


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Tower Defense games are some of the most addicting games available today, but not everyone wants to play as bulked up heroes shooting aliens and evil creatures out of the sky. 

Sometimes you want a cute game with lots of furry critters, but with a little edge too! Cats & Cosplay finds a perfect middle ground to fighting an epic battle and enjoying the entertaining, and sometimes comical, characters who fight alongside Denis. 

The only real downfall you can find for Cats & Cosplay is the number of levels. Though 24 seems like plenty, gamers who play on a regular basis may find it too simple, or that it does not offer enough playability. Other than the number of levels, Cats & Cosplay will be an interesting addition to your device's library!

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