Gangstar Vegas - Mafia Game

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game Description

Welcome to Las Vegas! This is a fantastic open world game full of action comparable to Grand Theft Auto, with a plethora of possibilities.

Find your destiny in Las Vegas. Become a Legend or loose it all. A breathtaking crime simulation.

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Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

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  • Price: Free
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Gameloft

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Gangstar Vegas - mafia game

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game Review

Gangstar Vegas - mafia game reviewerMarc

Just when you thought it was safe to walk away from the lure of TPS games brimming with high violence, theft, and mayhem, Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime comes knocking on your mobile device.

It plays like Grand Theft Auto, but with a few different twists inside.The twists come in the form of zombies. Yes...I said zombies. There are plenty of obstacles in the open world of Las Vegas. The game has a massive open world for you to seek your fortune and perhaps misfortune.

Great Characters

You play a boxer for the mafia, but things change. You soon have own your crime syndicate and Las Vegas becomes the battlefield. Over 80 missions await your expertise and streetwise skills. Prepare yourself for the hot action of theft and auto racing through the missions, along with the occasional shoot 'em up situation.

A Variety of Enemies

Not all of your enemies will be other gang members. You will fight against aliens and zombies as well. This makes Gangstar Vegas a stand out mobile game full of fun and danger. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves playing an open world game with tons of shooting and other forms of mayhem.


The action in this game is hot. The graphics are a bit rough, though. The developers could have spent a little more time on the color and animation. Otherwise, Gangstar Vegas is everything you hope for in a game of this nature. In many ways, it's similar to Grand Theft Auto through the open world madness and play ability. The twists with different forms of enemies is a wonderfully violent added touch.

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