Google Maps - Navigate & Explore

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore Description

Google Maps is available on android and iOS for mobile devices.

Google's effort in letting their infamous Google Maps Cars drive around in over 220 countries paid off big time. Nowadays Google maps is the go-to app for GPS & Navigation and has no real competition when it comes to accuracy.

The app offers everything one needs to travel from A to B or find the closest location of just about any type of business. The Google Maps app comes equipped with offline functionality which enables you to download huge areas of map material, and then use it whenever you don't have an internet connection, complete with navigation.

Google Maps is the perfect concierge, who helps you with:

  • Finding locations for restaurants or events
  • Sharing with a group of others who can vote on their favorite activities
  • Create lists of locations and activities
  • Finding recommended places to eat or simply visit

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Google Maps - Navigate & Explore

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How To Uninstall
  1. Tap Settings Menu
  2. Open The Application Manager
  3. Select The App
  4. Press "Uninstall"
  1. Tap & Hold App Icon
  2. Wait Until All App Icons Wiggle
  3. Release & Tap Small "X" Icon Above App
  1. Open The "Apps List"
  2. Select App To Remove
  3. Wait For Menu To Open
  4. Tap "Uninstall" In Newly Opened Menu
  5. Confirm "Yes" To Uninstall App

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore Review

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore reviewerJovana


Sick of asking friendly strangers for the route? Not very good in orientation in space? Well, don’t blame yourself. You are living in the time of expanding technology. Install the Google Maps.

It happens a lot that the road doesn’t have quite good signalization. Barely someone can follow all the signs and have the right route in mind. Especially, if you are going in an unknown direction. Get to know your final destination by looking at Google Street view and plan it via Google Maps.

Google Maps is the brilliant app for getting around, it finds the fastest route based on traffic. Besides traffic, you are able to choose the way of transportation- public, private car, by bicycle or walking. After setting the destination, you will see a few routes and choose only one. Start navigating or turn on driving mode if you are the driver.

Public transport

Google Maps are not exactly the same in every country. For example, In Belgrade, you can’t choose public transport. We know that the traffic is a complex thing, but they need to work on more updates. While they upgrade the app, if you need any information about the public transport, go and check other apps, like Mooveit.

Live traffic

When you already know the direction, like going from work to home using Google Maps to show you traffic flow (live traffic). I find it a time-saving feature. Skip busy streets and come home earlier, have some more rest. With “live traffic” reach the destination as soon as possible without being stuck in long lines. Also, a useful feature if you are the tourist and driving through the enormous city in a rush hour.

If you take a wrong turn, the app will calculate and redirect you back on the road, or make a new route to the destination. 

What’s new?

Wheelchair accessibility

The Google is representing “wheelchair accessible” routing option to Google Maps. It’s a revolutionary function! Just a couple of cities are included, but it is enough for the start.

Drug disposal

Interesting thing the Google had on mind, to mark all places where the drugs can be safely disposed in the US. The pharmaceuticals with expired shelf life are very dangerous for the environment, especially for people. It’s not some food waste, those can be real poisons. They should be destroyed properly. Thank you, Google!

Offline map

Save that map and use it offline in another part of the world, in the same manner as your house Wi-Fi. Unless your network operator is giving a nice offer in roaming. It’s absolutely the same map with the same possibilities and can navigate you wherever you want. GPS needs to be turned on, fortunately, it doesn’t spend your data.


Life changing feature is that you don’t have to know the address of your hotel. Enter the name of the hotel, city, and search. It stands not for hotels only, but every place you can imagine e.g. markets, stores, museums, petrol stations etc. If you are searching for the particular market, you should type “market’s name - near me”. A couple of addresses will appear, choose the closest and navigation will take you there.

Google Maps are connected with many apps. Such as Instagram. The store can post the address on the Instagram profile to be easily found Google Maps. 


Perhaps, there’s a need to be the most relaxing route. Sometimes the fastest route isn’t the best one. If there’s a couple of minutes difference between existing “the fastest route” and desired “relaxing route” there’s no need to take bumpy roads or constantly take turns, in order to arrive quickly.

If there is some blocking on the road, there should be an option which won’t include that road in your route. Immediately to redirect you to another road. This option exists in big areas with connected traffic systems. 


Some people say that warning them, where to take a turn, is late. Until you are far too close, then you are warned. We are all different, someone can manage to take turn the same second after being told, some needs more time. Hope the best option is to adjust the time for the app to “say” in advance. It is still so much better than dealing with paper maps. 

You are paying attention to the road, on people crossing the street and many more things, and suddenly app says turn left. Where’s the left? This way or that way? If it is safe, look at the screen and see the arrow pointing where to take a turn. Perhaps, if that virtual voice could tell, for instance, “turn left at Nike’s store, or after Hilton hotel turn right”. Telling names of well-known places is easier for the orientation.

We didn’t notice that you can be informed about the speed limit. It’s very important to include that feature. Because in modern time you are not able to follow every situation on the road and inside the car.

Driving shouldn’t be interrupted at any cost! Safety is the most important. You should first check the route before starting the engine.


The design is approaching for every age, look a bit like drawing cartoon which brings colorful image. More positive screens at first sight than Apples Maps’ graphic which feels cold.


Use Google Maps around the world! It will help in finding interesting places and restaurants in cities far away from home. Although the least populated areas are not included, the sooner more places are covered, the better it is. 

Remember to explore! Discover places you haven’t known they exist nearby.

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