Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates

Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates

Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates Description

Moovit is an urban mobility app designed to make getting around a metropolitan area far more comfortable for both residents and tourists in 88 countries around the world. 

If you happen to live in an urban setting and use the subway, train, or bus systems, to name a few, then you must make sure that you have Moovit downloaded onto your device.

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Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates

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Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates

Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates Review

Moovit: Bus Times, Train Times & Live Updates reviewerMarc

Navigating throughout a city or urban area isn't always easy if you don't have a vehicle of your own. Hailing a cab, strolling to the subway, waiting for a bus, or even renting a bike are common ways of getting around urban areas.

Real-Time Alerts

Although everything typically runs on a tight schedule in the city, we all know that things happen that may cause delays to your day. With Moovit, however, you will receive real-time alerts on delays, arrival times, and even maintenance.

With real-time alerts, you can make better decisions regarding how you need to arrive at your ultimate destination. If your usual subway trip is delayed, then you can decide whether or not you want to grab a bus or hail a taxi to get to where you need to go.

Live Directions

One of my favorite features of the Moovit app is the live directions portion. If you've never used a subway, train, or bike service before, or you're completely new to a city, then Moovit will provide you with walking directions to get to any of the mobility hubs in the area.

This is the perfect feature for tourists who want to navigate the streets of the city like a pro, without having to bother strangers for directions or having to be afraid of getting lost trying to find something on their own.

User Updates

Moovit also gives users the ability to update the app if they see something happening on the spot. This means that if you're in the subway station waiting for your train and there is a sudden problem, you can input the information into the app so that other users can receive a real-time update.

I've never been one that was comfortable with navigating a city as I never could grasp the many mobility methods. Now that I have Moovit, I can quickly figure out which means of transportation is best for my situation by viewing maps of the area with all of my options presented to me.

If you travel the city often, or you'll be staying in an unfamiliar area where you'll need to use the subway, bus system, or any other transportation in the area, then make sure to have Moovit installed on your device before you go.

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