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Moto Actions

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It's easier than ever to use my Motorola phone with the Moto Actions app. Although there are several gestures to learn to use the app properly, it doesn't take any time at all to master each of them.

If you are tired of having to figure out where certain features are on your phone, or you've been missing out on specific features because you don't know how to use them, then make sure to get Moto Actions for your compatible Motorola device to simplify the process for yourself.

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Install on PC & Mac

Check out our tutorials how to install Moto Actions on PC, or Moto Actions on Mac

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How To Uninstall
  1. Tap Settings Menu
  2. Open The Application Manager
  3. Select The App
  4. Press "Uninstall"
  1. Tap & Hold App Icon
  2. Wait Until All App Icons Wiggle
  3. Release & Tap Small "X" Icon Above App
  1. Open The "Apps List"
  2. Select App To Remove
  3. Wait For Menu To Open
  4. Tap "Uninstall" In Newly Opened Menu
  5. Confirm "Yes" To Uninstall App

Moto Actions

Moto Actions Review

Moto Actions reviewerMarc


One of the most crucial features to be able to quickly access on any device, in my opinion, is the flashlight. If there is an emergency situation where you need direct light, you don't want to have to scramble to find the feature on your device.

When you download Moto Actions, all you have to do is shake your phone in a chopping motion twice in a row, and the flashlight will instantly illuminate from your device. To turn the light back off, simply make the same chopping motion you did to turn the light on and it will turn off without a hitch.

Do Not Disturb

There are times when you have to make sure that your phone isn't interrupting something important. Anytime you want to turn your phone on silent without having to fumble with buttons, all you have to do is turn your phone face down and it won't ring or vibrate if you get a call or notification.

This silence feature is essential for anyone that might have to attend frequent meetings or for families who don't want to hear their phone ring during dinner time.

Take A Screenshot

For the longest time, I had no idea how to take a screenshot with my phone, and the button pressing command that was supposed to do the trick never seemed to work for me. Now that I have Moto Actions downloaded onto my device, the only command I need to worry about is pressing three of my fingers onto the screen of my phone and it will instantly take a screenshot for me.

Moto Actions has simplified life with my phone in so many ways. Although I'm not entirely technologically challenged, I get tired of trying to figure out all the bells and whistles of a new phone, so I'm happy to see an app like Moto Actions that will make the features of my device more accessible.

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