Talking Ben The Dog

Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog Description

If you've ever played My Talking Tom or My Talking Angela, then you'll be quite familiar with the play style of Talking Ben the Dog. 

Ben the dog makes an appearance in Talking Angela but he stands on his own in this whimsical game about a retired canine scientist who loves to curl up in his little red chair to read the paper.

If you like the idea of having a virtual pet, but you're more of a dog person, then you will adore the gameplay in Talking Ben the Dog.

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  • Price: Free
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: Outfit7 Limited

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Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog Review

Talking Ben the Dog reviewerMarc

Realistic Animation

One significant difference between the My Talking Tom and Angela games is the impressive attention to detail in the graphics for Talking Ben the Dog. Everything from the movement and coloration of his fur to the life-like sparkle in his eye will leave you coming back to engage with Ben over and over again.

The background scenery and other creatures you encounter in Talking Ben the Dog are impressively animated as well. There are even special effects that happen in Ben's laboratory that will leave you in awe of what these developers have accomplished with a mobile game.

Getting Ben's Attention

Although Ben is retired, he absolutely comes to life when he steps into his personal laboratory. The only thing keeping him from continuing his work, however, is the comfortable chair he finds himself in to read his beloved newspaper.

To get Ben's attention you have to tap your finger on the newspaper to rouse him out of his chair. You can also feed him, offer him a drink and even play games before taking him to the lab.

The Laboratory

Ben's laboratory is probably my favorite part of the game because you get to see Ben really light up with enthusiasm. There are several brightly colored test tubes lined up on Ben's lab table, and you can choose which combination of liquids to pour into his beaker. Once you've combined the materials sit back and watch as they transform into silly creatures and mysterious happenings.

Talking Ben the Dog might be a game directed toward children, but I secretly have more fun playing this on my own than I do watching my kids play the game. I love how intensely realistic the graphics are in this beautiful mobile game and it makes me want to test out the rest of Outfit7's work even more!

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