Talking Ginger 2

Talking Ginger 2

Talking Ginger 2 Description

Talking Ginger 2 gives your child a tabby kitten to play with and take part in birthday-themed activities with their new virtual furry friend. 

If you have a little one who's been asking for a pet or your simply trying to find a wholesome game for them to play when they ask, then be sure to add Talking Ginger 2 to your mobile app collection.

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Install on PC & Mac

Check out our tutorials how to install Talking Ginger 2 on PC, or Talking Ginger 2 on Mac

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How To Uninstall
  1. Tap Settings Menu
  2. Open The Application Manager
  3. Select The App
  4. Press "Uninstall"
  1. Tap & Hold App Icon
  2. Wait Until All App Icons Wiggle
  3. Release & Tap Small "X" Icon Above App
  1. Open The "Apps List"
  2. Select App To Remove
  3. Wait For Menu To Open
  4. Tap "Uninstall" In Newly Opened Menu
  5. Confirm "Yes" To Uninstall App

Talking Ginger 2

Talking Ginger 2 Review

Talking Ginger 2 reviewerMarc

In this day and age, it's inevitable for our younger children to end up playing games on mobile devices, and it can be a real challenge to find games that are suitable for them to enjoy.

The Talking Tom franchise is one of the most family-friendly series of apps that I've found in the play store and Talking Ginger 2 has to be my little one's favorite so far.

Adorable Animation

One of my favorite parts about this game is that the graphics are good enough to be part of a cartoon on TV, and the animation and physics of the game are spot-on.

You don't have to pay anything to download Talking Ginger 2 for your kids either, so you can enjoy excellent quality without breaking the bank.

Virtual Pet

When families do not already have a pet, kids of a certain age start to ask for their own furry friends, especially if they have play dates with friends who have pets.

Keep your child content with Talking Ginger 2 instead of bringing a family pet into the house before you're ready for one. On top of being able to interact with this adorable kitten, your child can talk to Ginger and he will repeat what they say in a cute voice. So, not only will your child have a pet to play with, but they will also have the advantage of interacting through speech as well.

Puzzles & Games

Don't worry about your child sitting on your phone simply talking to a cat, there are plenty of games and activities for your little one to enjoy as well.

You can help Ginger blow out his birthday candles, or put together dozens of unique jigsaw puzzles as well.

Talking Ginger 2 is one of the most adorable games I have found for my children, and I never feel like I have to hover over them to monitor the content as everything is created to be family-friendly and kid-appropriate. Download this wonderful game for your animal-loving kiddos so they have a furry friend to play with.

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