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Welcome to a world full of mystery and danger! It's easy to play, but almost impossible to stop. There are a lot of secrets in The Room, can you solve them all? Find the clues, discover more mysteries, but don't trust your eyes. With the most amazing looking graphics you'll ever see and a single finger control this game endangered your free time!

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  • Category: Puzzles
  • Developer: Fireproof Games

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The Room

The Room Review

The Room reviewerMarc

Welcome to the Room

This headline should be more like "Welcome to your next addiction". The Room is a highly addictive riddle-based 1st person point of view game from Fireproof Studios. For those who enjoy the suspense of finding clues to conquer quests as well as the element of mystery, you should download The Room and see how long it takes for your battery to die. Once you start playing, you will not put the game down.

Fun and Mysterious

There is nothing more attractive than a game which piques your interest with mystery and riddles, yet at the same time is not boring. In some ways, this game is comparable to Myst where you have to answer clues to progress forward. This brings the fun in the game; you are constantly looking for clues to solve the riddles and progress in the game. The clues are associated with old lore and ancient history so a player interested in such activities will find the game very appealing.

Graphics Graphics Graphics

It cannot be overstated how much the graphics impact this version of The Room. The colors and feel of the game are done amazingly well. The placement of a 1st person point of view makes the game even more realistic. The decision to make it a 1st person was a great decision by Fireproof because it puts you directly in the action and improves the playability.

The Attraction of the Game

This game is alluring and will keep you tied to your portable device for a long time. The play is paced so that you don't have to rush. In some instances, you may feel it dragging, but the faster you find the clues, the faster the game. The thrilling end is enough to keep everyone going through the labyrinth of clues. The tutorial at the beginning of the game is enough to draw players in, tempting them with clues that lead to the first mystery.

The Drawback

In a game like this, which for the most part is perfect, no one would expect there to be a drawback. The only drawback to the game is the difficulty associated with some of the riddles. At first glance, the game seems universal, but some people may struggle with the questions, especially the younger players. The beautiful part of this is the game will throw easier clues to answer the harder ones. This makes it a little more tolerable in terms of ease of play.


Overall, this is a great game. It comes strongly recommended from a plethora of reviews and gaming magazines, each describing the game as the best riddle game on the market, followed by the sequel The Room 2. The game came out in 2012 so a lot of players may recognize it from the earlier release. This release has a better color composition in the graphics, and a more warm, but creepy, atmosphere.

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