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The Wonder Weeks

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You wanna know what's in your babys mind? Why your baby is upset? Just look at her or his personal chart! Check new patterns, get an overlook in your personalized baby calendar or get over 60 video lessons with everything you need for the first weeks with your newborn! 

  • perfect for newly and veteran parents
  • easy to handle
  • quick solutions for every situation
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The Wonder Weeks

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The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks Review

The Wonder Weeks reviewerMarc

Wondering about the Wonder Weeks App?

The Wonder Weeks app allows parents to monitor the progress of their newborn through the “wonder weeks” of development through an interactive calendar describing the progress of the infant, and how it compares with “normal” progression.

Not for Everyone

A lot of parents do not like the idea of using an application to monitor the progress of their child. The app is a good tool to use if you need advice on why your child is doing what it is doing, but the final guide on these behaviors should be a physician or pediatrician. This application is very detailed, describing behaviors on a micro level. Due to the level of attention, the application is bound to have a negative appeal to some because not every child is the same. This application is meant only for those who are prepared for this kind of detail.

The Calendar

If you have ever raised an infant, you know (kind of) what to expect. If you have raised multiple kids, you are very well versed in the experience of raising an infant and know what to expect. If you should download The Wonder Weeks and you find it helpful the first month or two, use it more as a benchmark rather than a guide. In some instances, the calendar shows too much progression for parents. For example, it shows that an infant at 10 months should be aiming and kicking a ball. It seems that the app is pushing more for milestones in development, rather than charting them.

Wonder Weeks: General Remarks

Overall, The Wonder Weeks is a wonderful application. It makes the art of raising an infant more memorable because it features a memory gauge in which the user can go back into the archived milestones. Imagine a baby book with logged developmental stages. The application is not, by any means, intrusive, but it does ask for certain things to be accomplished by a certain age.

The application is not the parent. Many of the reviews show once they download the Wonder Weeks they feel a sense of urgency to catch up. It’s not intended to increase a parents’ anxiety. It is simply a guide and not a tool. When used as a tool, the element of parenting may be truly lost. If the user wishes to lean on the application completely as a tool to help raise their child, they need to take a step back and re-evaluate.

The application is extremely easy to use. The graphics are drawn well, with a vintage art motif which is appealing to the idea. The colors are soft to provide a bit of comfort over the anxiety of use. The tutorial is very basic, but the application is also very basic.

Wonder Weeks has a new feature that allows sharing of notes between parents and users. By doing this, the developers are building a nice communal feeling to the app. This move will not only increase users but raise the stock the users put in the application. With a web of people using the share notes feature, the app can be explained from the veterans to the new users, advice can be shared, and questions can be asked.


An application is only as good as the mental investment the user puts into it; therefore, the Wonder Weeks is an excellent choice of an application for the new parent, the veteran parent, or anyone else who wants the weekly guidance of raising a child. The application is very inexpensive, but quite invaluable when used correctly for the designed purpose of helping raise a child.

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