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Tom's Love Letters

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It's always nice to hear that someone loves you and is thinking about you, especially when it's a message from a family member or close friends. 

The Talking Tom franchise has a multitude of games for kids and their families to play, but Tom's Love Letters is the only one that gives you the tools to tell your loved ones how you feel.

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Tom's Love Letters

Tom's Love Letters Review

Tom's Love Letters reviewerMarc

Tom's Love Letters allows you to reach out to the people who matter the most to send them letters of love and appreciation while also giving you access to interactional features to play with Tom and Angela.

Send Cards To The People You Love

I remember buying those boxes of cute valentines to pass out to the class when I was a kid, and Tom's Love Letters reminds me of just that. There are 19 unique cards that you can select to send to your friends, and each of them shows a different animation between Tom and Angela.

Each card also has a unique phrase that expresses just how you might be feeling about a special someone or close friend. If you can't find the words to say in a text message, perhaps Tom and Angela can help by sending a sweet card to your love interest.

Adorable Animations

Tom's Love Letters is also full of adorable animations that show off the special bond that Angela and Tom have between one another. There are some that ooze with romance and others that might even make you chuckle.

These short clips between the infatuated felines also give you an idea of special things you can do for your special someone to let them know how much you really care about them.

It's not always easy to express how we feel about someone, so it's definitely a cute idea to give kids an idea of what they can do to share their feelings.

Age Appropriate?

One of my biggest concerns with the media in this day and age is that everything seems to want to rush children into adolescence or adulthood.

Although there are plenty of adorable and family-friendly images in Tom's Love Letters, I have to wonder whether or not pushing the issue of developing a relationship with another person is appropriate for the young audience that typically plays Talking Tom games.

If you have a little casanova in your household that wants to send cards and affectionate notes to loved ones, then be sure to equip them with Tom's Love Letters to start sending notes.

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