Where's My Water? Free

Where's My Water? Free

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Disney has created an entertaining physics game called Where's My Water, that is a delight for the entire family. Swampy is a loveable crocodile who loves to take baths and play with rubber ducks; the only problem is that his pipes have run dry and he needs your help to get the water flowing again.

There are several ways to move the water throughout each level of the game, but watch out for obstacles that will drain the water away from Swampy's awaiting pipe. You'll know when you've given him enough when his shower starts spewing water and his mood brightens!

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Where's My Water? Free

Where's My Water? Free Review

Where's My Water? Free reviewerMarc

Simple Controls, Challenging Puzzles

Where's My Water is easy enough to play because you only need one finger, sometimes two, to maneuver the water through the dirt toward Swampy's awaiting water pipe.

Although it's easy to drag your finger along the screen to make a path for the water, you have to keep in mind that if you dig too much, you may lose some of the precious liquid.

If you have an eye for detail and a basic knowledge of physics, then you will love the abundance of physics puzzles in this adorable game.

Several Components

At times, you may have to move components other than water to get Swampy the help he needs. Toxic sludge, dirty water, steam and other materials all play their part in navigating each puzzle to remove obstacles and get Swampy the water he so desperately needs.

Even though these components move through the dirt like the water does, you'll have to be careful of which ones you move toward Swampy as they cannot go into his water pipe.

For example, the toxic sludge will burn through the dirt and poison Swampy's clean water, so make sure that you only move this to areas protected by rock or metal.

Find The Ducks

Swampy loves playing with rubber duckies, so there will be three of them located in all of the levels. If you can manage to find and collect all of the ducks in each level, then you will have completed a perfect game of Where's My Water.

Some of the ducks are hidden in places you cannot see, so be careful when chipping away at the dirt to find them!

Where's My Water is a family-friendly physics game from Disney that will delight the entire family, don't miss out on this cute game and head to the play store to start your adventure with Swampy.

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