Words Story - Addictive Word Game

Words Story - Addictive Word Game

Words Story - Addictive Word Game Description

Words Story is an exciting word game that will allow you to fill in the blanks in word puzzles to help a wrongfully accused stick-figure escape from prison.

Words Story is not only an exciting word game, but it also helps to train your sense of logic as well, so it's an excellent game for anyone in the family who wants to sharpen their mental skills.

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Words Story - Addictive Word Game

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Words Story - Addictive Word Game

Words Story - Addictive Word Game Review

Words Story - Addictive Word Game reviewerMarc

I've always enjoyed playing word games, but some become a bit redundant and dull after a while. Not so with Words Story - the scenario is quite different.

There are many scenarios and tasks that the prisoner must complete throughout the game, but he can only progress if you can find the right words to fill in the puzzle.

Genuinely Free To Play

Although there are a lot of word games on the mobile market that are free to download, many of them pester you to purchase in-game currency that will unlock hints or boosters when you need them.

Words Story ditches this idea and offers a genuinely free-to-play experience by allowing you to play the game hassle-free. If you're feeling a bit lost on a puzzle, just click the hint button as often as you need to until you figure out what the word is that you're looking for.

Extensive Story

If you've ever played a prison escape game, then you're probably wondering how on earth the playability of this game could be sustainable. Well, the developers have included many twists and turns in the prisoner's story, so you'll have around 1,000 levels to try and help him escape.

What's most impressive about Words Story is that you will never see the same part of the story twice, so every level gives you a fresh challenge to beat to advance the story to the next chapter.

Play Anytime, Anywhere

My favorite part about playing Words Story is that I don't have to have an internet or data connection to play the game. I often play mobile games on my phone when I fly, so I try to find something entertaining that doesn't require a Wifi connection.

Words Story is probably the most entertaining game that I've for travel days because not only do you get to solve challenging word puzzles, but you also get to follow along with a riveting story about a man scorned and his brave attempt to escape!

If you're looking for a word game that will hold your attention for more than a few minutes, then look no further than Words Story to add to your mobile gaming library.

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