Zedge™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers Description

ZEDGE offers you tons of ringtones, backgrounds, video wallpapers and themes for your phone.

ZEDGE is completely free and always will be.

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ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

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How To Uninstall
  1. Tap Settings Menu
  2. Open The Application Manager
  3. Select The App
  4. Press "Uninstall"
  1. Tap & Hold App Icon
  2. Wait Until All App Icons Wiggle
  3. Release & Tap Small "X" Icon Above App
  1. Open The "Apps List"
  2. Select App To Remove
  3. Wait For Menu To Open
  4. Tap "Uninstall" In Newly Opened Menu
  5. Confirm "Yes" To Uninstall App

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers Review

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers reviewerMarc

I remember when cell phones were first becoming popular, and everybody went crazy over ringtones, wallpapers, and other customizable sounds and options for their phones.

Unfortunately, most developers took advantage of the mass hype and charged money for every sound and icon could be added to your phone. ZEDGE breaks this mold by offering its users millions of customization options for their device.

If you're tired of the bland and repetitive ringtones and wallpapers in your phone, then head to the play store to download ZEDGE to start customizing your phone.

Endless Selection With No Fee

The best part about ZEDGE is that you can search through a seemingly endless selection of content to add to your phone without having to pay a fee.

When you use ZEDGE to customize your phone, you will never be asked to pay a fee to download any ringtone, notification sound, icon, or wallpaper. All you have to do is find the content you want to add and set it accordingly.

Video Wallpapers

If you've ever tried to add an animated background or video wallpaper to your device, then I'm sure you already know how quickly your battery drains when you use one.

When you find an animation or video wallpaper that you like in ZEDGE, the only time it will play is when you initially unlock your device. This means that you don't have to worry about killing the battery on your phone because you left it unlocked.

Save Your Favorites

Because there is such a lengthy list of options under every category, the creators of ZEDGE have implemented a save feature, so you don't have to endlessly scroll for the background or ringtone you want.

As you scroll through the app, make sure to tap the heart next to the title of the content so that you can easily find it later on in your favorites list.

ZEDGE is always one of the first apps I download when I get a new device. It's always been free and has never given me any problems with draining my battery, showing too many ads, or giving my phone a virus.

If you like to customize your device and are tired of those other apps that want to charge you a fee for every little thing you choose, then make sure to download ZEDGE from the play store on your device to start customizing your mobile experience

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