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ZenUI Help

ZenUI Help Description

ASUS has developed an app for its customers called ZenUI Help that acts as both a general information and customer service app. 

If you ever have a question about your device or simply want to know more about the company and its services, simply use the ZenUI Help app to learn more.

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Install on PC & Mac

Check out our tutorials how to install ZenUI Help on PC, or ZenUI Help on Mac

  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools
  • Developer: ZenUI ASUS Computer Inc

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How To Uninstall
  1. Tap Settings Menu
  2. Open The Application Manager
  3. Select The App
  4. Press "Uninstall"
  1. Tap & Hold App Icon
  2. Wait Until All App Icons Wiggle
  3. Release & Tap Small "X" Icon Above App
  1. Open The "Apps List"
  2. Select App To Remove
  3. Wait For Menu To Open
  4. Tap "Uninstall" In Newly Opened Menu
  5. Confirm "Yes" To Uninstall App

ZenUI Help

ZenUI Help Review

ZenUI Help reviewerMarc

Smartphones have become an everyday necessity for many people all over the world. Not only do they help us keep in touch with the people that matter the most, but they also provide services and apps that keep us entertained, help us complete work, and so much more.

Although smartphones are helpful most of the time, I'm sure you've come across a time when you couldn't figure out something about the pocket-sized computers.

Find FAQ's

There is a section of the ZenUI Help app that will give you a list of frequently asked questions so that you can skip calling and waiting on hold for a representative, and attempt to resolve any issues on your own.

This section can be quite helpful and can serve as a huge time saver if you find your question and answer on the list.

See What Other Users Are Saying

I love to look at forums about products, services, games and more to see what other users have to say about it. One of my favorite parts of the ZenUI app is the forum which allows ASUS customers to interact with one another.

The reason that I enjoy the forum option so much is that most of the time you can resolve an issue simply by following the guidance of a fellow user who has also dealt with the issue you're having.

Be The First To Know

Another interesting section of the ZenUI Help app allows you to search for news on ASUS products as well as the company and alerts you to important updates for your device.

You'll be the first to know about new products being launched, any recalls that may have occurred, and your device will always deliver a prime performance because you'll never miss an update again.

The ZenUI Help app is a magnificent tool for any individuals who own an ASUS device and want to be able to contact customer service members without having to wait on hold.

Head to the play store to download ZenUI Help so that you will always have customer service right in your pocket.

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