The Master Of Disaster

Marc has a deep rooted love for programming (mostly PHP) & creating online businesses. When he isn't burning the midnight oil in front of his screen, he is an avid traveler and has seen (and lived in) many countries across the globe. He also is a connoisseur of coffee, which really just means he drinks a lot of it.

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  • Briefing


    by Marc

    I've always been one that preferred to read magazines than to switch on the morning or evening news. When you use the Bri...


  • Flipboard: Latest News, Entertainment & Lifestyle

    Flipboard: Latest News, Entertainment &

    by Marc

    Everyone loves information, whether it's personalized or otherwise. Knowledge and attention to current issues is power. T...


  • Samsung Keyboard

    Samsung Keyboard

    by Marc

    I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time typing to other people on my phone. It seems as though over the years, ...


  • Samsung Gallery

    Samsung Gallery

    by Marc

    If you're anything like me, then you probably have hundreds of pictures on your phone. As much as I love to take photos a...

    photos photography

  • Samsung Voice Recorder

    Samsung Voice Recorder

    by Marc

    A Voice Recorder is a very necessary tool when you are a student, or in a business meeting that has critical information. You...


  • Samsung Health

    Samsung Health

    by Marc

    I have always been a fan of Samsung apps and products because it seems as though the company does everything in its power to ...

    fitness health

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