The Master Of Disaster

Marc has a deep rooted love for programming (mostly PHP) & creating online businesses. When he isn't burning the midnight oil in front of his screen, he is an avid traveler and has seen (and lived in) many countries across the globe. He also is a connoisseur of coffee, which really just means he drinks a lot of it.

Marc's Latest Apps

  • Xbox


    by Marc

    The Xbox app lets you control everything surrounding your Xbox live account, as well as your Xbox console directly.Share upda...


  • Garmin Connect

    Garmin Connect

    by Marc

    Garmin Connect is the perfect workout companion, it syncs with your Garmin device as well as other compatible popular apps li...


  • Google Home

    Google Home

    by Marc

    Google Home is one of the most popular and recommended smart-home apps.Combined with the Google Home device you can control &...

    smart home streaming

  • Spectrum TV

    Spectrum TV

    by Marc

    With the Spectrum TV app, you can enjoy all the quality programming and channels you're used to, on the go!Flip your favo...

    tv streaming

  • Google Photos

    Google Photos

    by Marc

    Google Photos is a great photo gallery app that not just lets you carry all your photos around with you so that you'll al...


  • AOL - News, Mail & Video

    AOL - News, Mail & Video

    by Marc

    If you're the type of person who wants it all, then you'll probably really like the AOL News, Mail, Weather & Vid...

    news weather email

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