The Best Apps To Binge On Tv Series & Watch Movies For 2019 Without Cable Subscription (Updated)

The Best Apps To Binge On Tv Series & Watch Movies For 2019 Without Cable Subscription (Updated) authorMarc

Cable & Satellite subscription had it's merits, during the 40's thru early 2000's.

I also gladly pay for good entertainment. But at the same time I find that it doesn't fit to the open nature of the internet and apps in particular, nobody likes having to go through an annoying process where you scroll through lists of hundreds of providers, enter your contract data and so forth, until you can finally watch your favorite TV show or movie.

Having a simple subscription mechanism, is so much easier. Netflix shows how it should be done!

I love Netflix for it's innovative and modern approach, plus the fact that they produce amazing content.

Aside from Netflix, there are other apps that offer a similar experience, complete access without going through the tedious Cable provider login process.

Some of them are even completely free, like The CW app for example where you can watch the latest 5 episodes of all their shows just like that.

After going through our list here, you might feel like heading over to to have a read through another great list of the best tv apps for android that even includes some I haven't mentioned here!



Netflix is arguably the most popular app on this list and that is for good reason as the amount of content on the platform is truly staggering. While it began with existing TV shows and movies, they have shifted focus towards original content over the years. In addition to original films, Netflix has also created some of the most acclaimed original series in recent memory.

Shows such as Bojack Horseman, Stranger Things, and the OA have really gained traction and now have a sizeable audience of fans waiting with bated breath for each new season. The unique thing about these shows is that each episode in a season releases all at once. Most of these releases fall on Fridays to boot. This promotes binge watching of entire seasons during the span of a single weekend. The service even offers one off programs such as stand up comedy specials.

The CW

The Cw

The CW is a television network that recently created its own app for watching the latest episodes of all of their current shows. Realizing that people often miss an episode of their favorite show and decide to stop watching altogether, the CW created this streaming service as an incredibly simple way for viewers to catch up on anything they missed. Users can view the last 5 episodes of any currently airing series, making it very simple to stay in the loop.

The most unique aspect of this service is how there are no logins or cable subscriptions required to get in. Anyone interested in a show merely has to download the app on the device of their choice and start streaming. The shows do have ad breaks in between, but this makes sense as the service is completely free otherwise.

Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more

Hulu: Stream Tv, Movies & More

Hulu has partnered with many cable channels to bring currently running shows to the platform a mere 24 hours after they first air on live TV. This makes the service a great way for cord cutters to lose the cable bill and still follow several shows they used to watch religiously. For some newer shows, only the 5 latest episodes are available to view. However, they have every episode for a collection of classic shows as well.

There are several options for subscribing to Hulu. There is a base option that still displays ads either before or after each episode. There is also Hulu Plus, which cuts out all of the commercials entirely. Finally, you can also get a live TV subscription that functions just like a cable service does.

Sling TV: Stop Paying Too Much For TV!

Sling Tv: Stop Paying Too Much For Tv!

Sling is a live TV service that is streamed entirely through the internet. Much like satellite or cable, Sling offers basic channel packages that offer a collection of channels for a monthly price. What makes them different is how they allow users to purchase other specific channels a la carte in addition to the package they choose. This allows viewers that only watch a couple of channels to save money each month by not being forced into a larger plan that they don't even utilize.

The cloud DVR they offer makes it incredibly easy to record shows and watch them from anywhere in the world. While this is an additional five dollar charge each month, it can still be far cheaper than a bloated cable subscription. All in all, there are over 100 channels to choose from in this service.

YouTube TV - Watch & Record Live TV

Youtube Tv - Watch & Record Live Tv

Price: Free

YouTube is not just for online videos anymore. Now with their subscription service, viewers can watch live TV without needing a cable box. They feature over 70 different networks to delve into. Each channel can easily be streamed onto any device that gets YouTube, which makes it the most versatile app on this list. After the week long trial period ends, users only have one option for subscribing. The cost is $49.99 a month but gives you absolutely everything the platform has to offer.

Each subscription allows up to six different accounts, so the whole family can get a personalized experience. Every account has its own login, recommendations, and DVR recordings. This is an excellent choice for households with many people as it eliminates the fight over what to watch and record that inevitable plagues traditional cable platforms.

HBO GO: Stream with TV Package

Hbo Go: Stream With Tv Package

If you ever wanted to explore the large library of movies that HBO offers, or just want to see what Game of Thrones is all about, this is the app for you. It features everything that a subscription to HBO gets you, but without the obligation associated with the original network. You can purchase a subscription outright, or just log in with your preexisting cable account if you already have traditional HBO.

In addition to the array of movies, HBO GO gives you access to all of the original series, documentaries, and comedy specials they produce. This content is very unique and difficult to come by anywhere else without resorting to illegal means. This is a great service to subscribe to for a couple of months and binge everything that looks interesting to you.

Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies

Sony Crackle – Free Tv & Movies

Price: Free

This completely free subscription service allows you to view a variety of Sony produced movies and original series. Since there is no financial cost, the content is supported by commercial breaks. If you can think of a recent Sony Pictures movie, you can probably find it on this app. This makes it a great resource for catching up on some of the biggest blockbusters you may have missed.

The original shows feature some big name actors such as Bryan Cranston and Sean Bean that are sure to pique certain viewer's interest. There are also a ton of classic shows on the platform such as Community and Seinfeld. It is incredibly easy to filter out different genres and actors in order to quickly find the stuff you want to watch most.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has stepped into the streaming Arena with a host of movies, TV shows, and original content. Many people will already have this service and may not even know it as it comes free with an Amazon Prime account. Otherwise, new users can subscribe to it on a monthly basis in order to check it out. Since Amazon has such a wide inventory of just about everything, the streaming platform has a lot more content than you might expect.

In addition to the vast array of contemporary and original content, there is also a feature known as Amazon Channels. This allows users to purchase special network packages such as HBO, Starz, or Showtime. These can easily be acquired a month at a time when you are interested in dabbling with something a bit different. There is even an IMDB integration that makes it super simple to look up data on the cast and crew of whatever you are watching.

However, there are several movies and shows that you can purchase from Amazon that is not included with a prime video subscription. These titles often show up in searches and while browsing the app, so be wary when making a selection. It is easy to rack up an additional charge by accidentally renting or purchasing something not included in free streaming. Plus, some series offers the first episode for free in order to draw the viewer's attention. This is just another thing to be mindful of when using this platform.

Tubi - Free Movies & TV Shows

Tubi - Free Movies & Tv Shows

Price: Free

Tubi is another free streaming platform that relies on ad revenue to make a profit. The service is advertised as having fewer commercials than standard TV in order to entice people to try it out. In addition to Hollywood movies and shows from popular networks, there are also a bunch of niche genres to choose from. While many other apps have anime, not that many have Korean dramas. This makes the service worth a look for anyone that wants to try something off the beaten path.

Each week new movies and programs are added. It is easy to see what's new each week by browsing the featured tab. The cool thing about this platform is viewers have some say in what gets added next. If Tubi is contacted by enough of their viewers about a particular movie or show, they attempt to get it on the platform. Of course, there are licensing issues and exclusive deals that may prevent certain things from being added. If that sounds like a good deal to you; and let's be honest, why wouldn't it; then download TubiTv and start watching without many commercial breaks.

Pluto TV - It’s Free TV

Pluto Tv - It’S Free Tv

Price: Free

Pluto has an impressive collection of over 100 live TV channels and thousands of movies to choose from. These range from cult classics to modern blockbusters that everyone will recognize. Of course, like all free streaming apps, there are ads to deal with when watching Pluto. However, the sheer volume of content they managed to procure makes it a very easy service to recommend.

They have tons of Spanish language content as well as other foreign properties. This allows just about anyone to find something they want to watch. There are also plenty of documentaries and sporting events for those who enjoy non-fiction. New things to watch are being added daily, so this is definitely a service worth logging into from time to time to see what's new.

PlayStation Vue Mobile

Playstation Vue Mobile

Price: Free

While originally exclusive to PlayStation consoles, PS Vue has become so popular that Sony has created a mobile version that runs on a variety of other streaming devices. This allows just about anyone to subscribe to one of the smoothest internet based live TV services currently on the market. Featuring over 85 channels, PlayStation Vue has a majority of the things people want to watch. Plus, each subscription can be used on up to five devices. This is far more than the average platform, which has stripped concurrent users down to only two or three on average.

After a free trial, you can choose to go with the access, core, elite, or ultra plan. Each subsequent features more channels at a slightly higher price. The Elite plan offers all of the standard channels currently available on PS Vue. More channels have been added over time, so this does tend to fluctuate somewhat. The Ultra package includes HBO and Showtime in addition to everything else.

fuboTV: Watch Live Sports, TV Shows, Movies & News

Fubotv: Watch Live Sports, Tv Shows, Movies & News

Fubo is a live TV streaming service that has a strong emphasis on sporting events. There is dedicated sports navigation built into the interface that allows viewers to check scores and jump directly into any game of their choice. All of the major leagues are supported, and this platform features some of the most comprehensive soccer coverage out there. There is also plenty of college content as well, making it a great choice for anyone who loves to follow the NCAA.

There are also over 100 regular TV channels to choose from as well. These range from major networks like ABC to smaller cable networks. There are even a variety of movies to watch when you want to bust out the popcorn. After the seven day free trial, there is a flat rate of $54.99 to receive everything on offer. If you live and breathe sports, then Fubo TV is a great option for cutting the cord.



This relatively new contender in the live TV market has been gaining traction in recent months. After going through a buggy launch, the platform is quickly growing into a reliable service that is worth taking a look at. Since it is still fairly new, there is only one subscription plan that features 58 channels. After the free trial, users only have to pay $20 a month to get everything. This is far cheaper than many of the other apps on this list, so this is a great option for those who are on a tight budget.

This great value may not last forever though. A majority of the streaming services on this list were much more cost effective in their infancy too. As these streaming services acquire the rights to more channels, they often raise their prices and offer multiple plans at different prices. If interested, it may be wise to subscribe as soon as possible in order to grandfather your package at the cheapest price possible.

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