The Best Old-School Rpg Games Of 2019 For Android & Ios

The Best Old-School RPG Games Of 2019 For Android & iOS authorMarc

Do you sometimes miss the times when you were young, spending the night at your buddies house playing RPG games like D&D?

Why not relive some of those glorious moments. There are countless great RPG games available for mobile. 

Granted, mostly we are talking modern gameplay and graphics... But, what if I told you there is a growing fanbase for old-school games, just like the ones you and I were playing when we were younger?

Right, I also think that is amazing! :)

So without further ado, here is a handcrafted list of the currently best old-school RPG games on the market.

Some are made by game studios, others by RPG fans like you and me (With a surprisingly high quality).


Old School RuneScape

Old School Runescape

This version of the classic game is a recreation of how it used to play back in 2007. This MMO is unique in that the player base gets to choose how the game evolves over time. As new content is released, the fans all get to vote on what gets developed next. This gives the players and developers a deeper connection that strengthens with each passing year.

In Runescape, players level up and increase their skills by actually performing the various actions associated with them. For instance, you raise your fishing stats by casting a line and raise your accuracy by landing blows on your enemies. This creates a fun sense of progression that helps the player invest in their character.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Price: $9.99

This package features the original 60 hour adventure as well as the first two expansion packs that were released later. Based on the Dungeon's and Dragon's ruleset, players make choices and perform actions based on virtual dice rolls. This leads to replayability no two encounters ever transpire the same way.

In Baldur's Gate, Players must leave their home town as they attempt to prevent the Sword Coast from breaking out into total war. By recruiting a party, you venture forth and make your mark on the land. The characters you choose, and the dialog you pick influences the outcome of the game in dramatic ways.

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition

Price: $9.99

Planescape Torment originally released in 1999 to critical acclaim. The enhanced edition is a remake with improved graphical fidelity that is optimized for tablets. In the game, you battle creatures of darkness and solve puzzles in order to bring change to the land. After customizing your character and party, you set off on an adventure filled with tons of combat encounters and spicy conversations that will have you invested for the long haul.

This title also uses the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse to provide countless iconic locations from the series. This gives the game a stylish tone that is easy to recognize just by taking a short glance. Plus, the remastered music and visuals a moderns sense of polish and presentation quality that fans of the original will really appreciate.

Siege of Dragonspear

Siege Of Dragonspear

Price: $10.99

The Siege of Dragonspear expands on the Baldur's Gate Saga to deliver another riveting chapter in the story of that universe. Fans get a whole 30 hour campaign to dive into that expands the lore, world, and characters of the beloved series. The story takes place between Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, bridging the gap that many players longed to have filled in.

You can either import an existing Baldur's Gate character or create a whole new one to start the story fresh. In addition, the main cast of party members returns along with 4 additional characters to choose from. This gives both old and new players a solid opportunity to dive right in and see what all the fuss is about.

The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale offers a unique story that focuses more on the humorous aspect of fantasy rather than the drama and combat found in a majority of similar titles. Often referred to as the funniest game ever made, the dialog is sure to have you bursting at the seams throughout the entire first playthrough.

Instead of the typical character creation, you play exclusively as a Bard in this game. As a musician, you can sing songs to summon creatures to battle alongside you and to influence the world through magic. This offers a unique take on the classic RPG formula. Instead of choosing to go on fetch quests for random strangers, the bard has a set personality that is used by the writers to subvert typical fantasy and RPG tropes.

The Quest

The Quest

Price: $3.49

This title has a unique 2D art style and is presented from a first person point of view. It features grid based movement in dungeons and turn based combat while fighting. This gives the game a heavy strategy element that old school gamers will love. Instead of classes, the player chooses between five races at the start of the game. These races are highly customizable via the array of skills and abilities on offer.

The story takes place in the Kingdom of Monares. After the governor goes missing, the king sends an agent out to investigate what is going on. You play as the agent tasked with restoring order to the once peaceful land. This leads to many hours of tense scenarios and difficult choices to make.

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Price: $10.99

This enhanced version of Neverwinter Nights takes the Diamond edition of the classic game and adds improved graphics and a new control scheme built from the ground up for tablets. There is backward compatibility for all of the user created quests designed over the years. This gives the game an almost infinite amount of replayability and things to do.

The Dungeons & Dragons ruleset is used to facilitate the gameplay loop. Not only does it feature the original campaign, but it also includes the two expansion packs that were released later. This will have players developing a cast of party members for hundreds of hours to come as they make their way through the dangerous world of Neverwinter.

Exiled Kingdoms RPG

Exiled Kingdoms Rpg

If you enjoy the isometric view of all the old school classics, then here is a more modern spin on it. For example, there is a free trial that allows players to choose between a warrior or rogue and play through the early parts of the game. If you like what you've played up to that point, you can buy the full game and continue the adventure. Or, you can start again with a new character class and the knowledge you have acquired from your first run.

The adventure begins with the main character venturing forth to receive an inheritance. After reading a letter that gave the good news, the hero of this story sets off for New Garand to see if the rumor is true. Along the way, a greater quest opens up and the plot thickens as your character gets wrapped up more and more into this forgotten land.



Eternium is another take on the classic isometric style but has been designed exclusively with touch controls in mind. There is a unique magic casting system that tasks players with drawing symbols on the screen that correspond to each spell. This gives the game a fun flavor and adds a new layer of tension to the combat encounters. Moving your character is also as simple as tapping the screen at the desired location. The best part is that the game features no microtransactions or energy based systems that can ruin other RPGs designed for mobile.

The game contains three story arcs that see the main character grow up along with a cast of party members. Once the main hero reaches level 70, the experience points gained after are used to obtain Champion Levels. These give stat increases that are also applied to any new characters that are created from scratch for additional playthroughs.

The Dark Book: RPG Offline

The Dark Book: Rpg Offline

This dark fantasy adventure has an interesting premise. When souls are influenced by the dark book, your hero must travel to a forlorn city and figure out what has happened to the people there. Along the way, you meet friends and foes that further your connection to the world at large.

The game is a hack and slash style RPG similar to Diablo and other games from the 90s. As of now, you can only play as a Skeleton warrior class. The creator has stated that there will be future updates that expand the number of options available to the player. Luckily, these updates will be free so anyone who likes the gameplay has a great deal of content to look forward to.

Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game)

Medieval Fantasy Rpg (Choices Game)

Price: Free

Medieval Fantasy RPG harkens back to the days of text based adventure games. In this title, you can play as a warrior, rogue, or succubus and go on a harrowing adventure. The choices you make influence whether stats increase or decrease. This gives each choice an added sense of weight as they are tied directly to your character's progression. Similar to a choose your own adventure storybook, some choices result in immediate death.

There is an innovative system that allows you to go back to earlier points in the story and choose different options. This helps the player to reverse sudden death mistakes and also to go after the hundreds of different achievements built into the menu. This is by far the most unique game on this list and is worth a try if it even remotely piques your interest.

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