How To Do Facetime Group Chats In Ios 12

Finally it's there, one of the most anticipated features of iOS 12 was the new group chat functionality for Facetime.

The group chat can be done with up to 32 people (perfect for business calls, although probably confusing with 31 others).

You can create both, video or audio group calls and participants can use the device they are currently using.

Be it a Macbook, iMac, iPhone, iPad or even Homepods and iWatch users.

To use it as of the time of this writing, you will need to update to iOS 12 beta (Just click the link and sign up for the developer program, then select "Download new Betas").

But if you think you can muster a little more patience, then just wait a couple of weeks until the official release of iOS 12.

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How To Do FaceTime Group Chats In iOS 12

How To Do FaceTime Group Chats In iOS 12 authorMarc

Once iOS 12 has officially been released, you most likely want to start using this feature first thing.

So how exactly you start a group call on the various Apple devices, is shown in this guide.

We've been proactive here and already compile the necessary steps for you to take so that you can begin doing group calls right after release.

The official release should like happen on or around September, 18 2018, so about two weeks from today.

FaceTime Group Calls

While on a group call, you can see all participants in your screen in a tiled view, you can scroll through all participants and to emphasize or directly address someone you can tap their tile.

Similar to Google Hangouts, the person that is currently speaking or being addresses, is brought in the foreground on your screen.

That way you always know who is currently speaking, which otherwise could probably become a little confusing the more participants a group call has.

FaceTime Group Supported Apple Devices

The minimum required OS version is as already mentioned iOS 12, for desktop devices macOS Mojave and for the iWatch the watchOS 5.

As far as devices go, any apple device that is capable of running the newest OS version will be also capable of FaceTime Group calls.

This includes the iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Mac & Homepod devices.

FaceTime Group Call Animojis

Group calls have no limitations in regard to the available effects, face filters, animojis or memojis.

Every participant can use them as long as hers or his device supports them natively.

I foresee a lot of Poopy faces calling me during work hours 😂 

How To Organize Or Join A Group Call With FaceTime

  • Open FaceTime On Your Device
  • Depending on your device, either tap the + or "group conversation" link, or select contact.
  • Repeat process until participants are added
  • Initiate call

Now once the call is initiated, you can always add more participants and if you as the initiator leave the call, the call is not disbanded but other participants can continue without you.