How To Save Videos From Snapchat On Android

If you're already using Snapchat then you will know that Snaps get deleted right after you viewed them.

That's part of Snapchat's success though, many people don't want videos they made to be floating around unknown data-highways forever, and ever, and ever.

So what to do if you are the recipient of an epic Snap that you just can't let go and are scared to close the app and lose this Snap?

The answer and best possible solution to your dilemma, at least for the moment, is to use a screen-recorder.

Which recorder and how we will show you in this guide. 

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How To Save Videos From Snapchat On Android

How To Save Videos From Snapchat On Android authorMarc

Since Snapchat doesn't let you keep any of the Snaps you receive on your device, you have to become a ninja.

And it is common knowledge that all ninjas use screen recording apps, doh!

How To Save Snaps - Snapchat Videos & Stories:

The easiest to use screen-recorder we found is the AZ Screen Recorder. It saves videos in a really decent quality and works flawlessly with Snapchat.

Here's how to do it step-by-step.

Before you actually open the Snap you'd like to capture, you need to open the screen-recording app.

You can of course use any other app if you find a better one, but for the sake of this tutorial we go with the AZ recorder.

After you've opened the AZ screen recorder you will see that a floating icon appeared on your device screen.

This icon will stay in place, even if you open another app.

Once you tap on the icon you see a menu like in the above picture.

Now you tap on the red camera icon you see above. And right after you open the Snapchat video you wish to record.

Once the video finished you can simply press the stop button and the screen-recorded video will be automatically saved on your device.

You can then proceed to edit the video, you can trim or cut it and even convert it to an animated GIF.

Alternatively you can also replace the audio completely and / or add some kind of music or soundtrack to it.

There you have it, super easy. While it's not the most ideal solution it does work very well and is currently the best solution to record Snapchat videos.

Step-By-Step Guide To Record Snapchat Video

  • Open screen recorder app
  • Start screen recording
  • Open Snapchat after recording started
  • Watch video until the end
  • Stop recording
  • Edit / crop video if you wish
  • Done

Hopefully this was useful to you. Happy Snapping! :)