How To Speed Up Android Internet Browsing By Using Custom Dns

By default your Android device will use the DNS server that is pre-configured in your router at home or in the office.

This can, and often also does, slow down your browsing experience significantly. Changing something so simple as your DNS entries can increase the speed of how fast your browser render websites and therefore give you a visual speed boost.

In reality your internet speed is still the same, but because of the way DNS works your default DNS entries might actually slow down your browser.

DNS (Domain Name System) is what translates IP addresses like into domain names like for example And to be able to do that, your browser "asks" intermediary web servers what IP address belongs to this domain name. This must be done because the browser connects to the IP address, and not the domain name, and IP addresses for websites often change. So domain names were invented as secondary layer that never changes & for humans to better remember. Imagine you'd have to remember long strings of numbers and dots to reach your favorite websites...

Anyways, if your DNS provider is slow and unoptimized (Which most are especially the ones your Internet Service Provider uses as defaults) then these requests can really slow down your browser in rendering a website.

Because websites often require dozens or more of these requests to be made to fully render.

So if you use an optimized DNS service that knocks off 1-2 seconds of total load time for a website, it actually feels as if your internet just got faster.

Interested? Then let's get going and do this together.

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How To Speed Up Android Internet Browsing By Using Custom DNS

How To Speed Up Android Internet Browsing By Using Custom DNS authorMarc

Once you've changed your DNS, you can repeat this process with any other open DNS. It's often a good idea to test multiple DNS services, some might perform better for you than others.

Okay, to get started changing your default DNS you will have to open up your Androids settings app.

Then you select "Wi-Fi" to access the networking settings.

Wi-Fi menu located in "Settings" 

Tap & hold the name of the network that says "connected" or alternatively the one you want to change.

A menu will open, select the "Modify Network" option.

If you're using an older Android version, you probably have to select "Advanced options" instead.

To be able to adjust the DNS settings you will have to select "Static" under the "IP Settings" option.

The option will look something like this, switch it from DHCP to Static

Now you're able to adjust the settings, leave everything untouched except the DNS 1 & DNS 2 fields.

Do not change your IP address, Gateway or Network prefix. This will most likely result in you not being able to connect to the internet at all anymore.

Note: If you accidentally changed one of those other fields and saved, no worries. You can reset it easily by tapping "Forget Network" and then connecting to your wi-fi again, followed by entering your wi-fi password.

Switching DNS

Now what to fill in DNS 1 & DNS 2 you probably ask.

Below is a selection of open DNS servers that I personally find the best and fastest, also in the order displayed.

Google DNS:

  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 2:

Cloudflare DNS:

  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 2:

Open DNS:

  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 2:

After you filled in both fields, tap save and you're done! Close your browser completely, and then restart it and you might see a a huge difference if before you were using a slow DNS service.

You can try all three providers, as I mentioned before they perform different for different regions.

I hope we were able to give you a good speed boost!