How To Use Animojis On Any Older Iphone & Even Android Phones

Animojis have been the new craze since their release with iOS 11.

They are hilarious and loads of fun to use in conversations.

Sadly they were exclusively for iPhone X owners using the latest iOS 11.

Fret no more, there is a little known workaround how you can use Animojis on older iPhone versions as well.

But it doesn't stop there, even Android users can get them on their device!

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How To Use Animojis On Any Older iPhone & Even Android Phones

How To Use Animojis On Any Older iPhone & Even Android Phones authorMarc

To be clear, it's currently not possible to use the original Animoji native app on older phones, or android.

But there is a new app that solves this little problem for anyone who doesn't have one of the newest iPhones.

The app with the slightly awkward sounding name "MrrMrr" enables Animojis for everyone Okay, slightly may be an understatement, but it actually stands for "Mirror Mirror". Now, that makes of course much more sense now!

There are a few little caveats with MrrMrr's Animojis compared to the native Apple version. But nothing inherently wrong with the app itself.

  • The Animojis aren't the exact same as they are on iOS, but that's understandable for copyright reasons.
  • The Facetracking feature is not quite as good, due to MrrMrr making use of the standard camera in your phone because it doesn't have the "TrueDepth" camera available that newer models have.
  • The total number of Animojis is a little on the low end, but they are working on more. 
    • Currently you have access to 6 Animojis which include Dog, Cat, Robot, Alien, Chicken and the brown "Ice cream" Animoji...

Now those aren't deal-breakers in any way. The app works great and also has tons of other gimmicks.

There are lots of funny face filters for example:

First you should download the MrrMrr app for free from iTunes or Google Play:

Once you got that done and open the app for the first time, you will be asked to share your camera and microphone with the MrrMrr app.

This, of course, is needed to create Animojis in the first place.

Now we're almost ready to let the party start 😅 

Look at the bottom of the app, and tap on the link labelled "Emoji".

Then simply select the Animoji you'd like to use and proceed by tapping the red recording button.

Now the recording begins and you can let your creative side take over.

After you've finished the recording, you will see that buttons appear that you can use to share your work of art with the world.

You can post it directly to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or choose to download it to your camera roll.

It is also possible to edit any video afterwards, you know, to put finishing touches on it and make it even funnier.