How To Use Message Effects With Ios Messages

Message effects were introduced in iOS 10, if you remember iOS 10 was a huge redesign and added a ton of new functionality to your iPhone.

Back in 2016 Apple started off with 9 special effects that you could add to any sms or instant message sent with the native app.

Today with iOS 11, we actually have a couple more effects to choose from, and how exactly we do this will be shown in this guide.

Bubble effects, these special effects are changing the way speech bubbles in your messages app are displayed.

  • Slam
    • This effect literally slams the message bubble inside your screen, it comes flying in from the side and is lands in it's original destination.
  • Loud
    • The Loud bubble effect makes the speech bubble fly in the screen. Then increases the size of the message bubble step by step in a shaking motion, perfect to let the other side know that you are making a point!
  • Gentle
    • The opposite is the gentle effect. The bubble comes flying out and then settles on the recipients screen, but, very, slowlyyyyy.
  • Invisible Ink
    • My personal favorite, remember when you were little and you used lemon juice to write hidden messages on a white piece of paper? Same thing, well, kind of. It shows your message as a cloud of pixels, and reveals the real message once you tap on the bubble.

Then we have the Screen effects, those effects actually impact your whole device screen and not just the bubble.

  • Send With ECHO
    • This is one of the new iOS 11 effects, it creates a whirlwind of speech bubbles that go like a small tornado all over your screen and disappear one by one, until finally only one is left.
  • Send With SPOTLIGHT
    • Another iOS 11 effect. The spotlight effect does just what you would assume, it casts a big spotlight on your message while darkening the background of your whole screen. This creates a very realistic looking effect and certainly puts an emphasis on what you said.
  • Send With BALLOONS
    • Makes a bunch of colorful balloons fly through your screen from the bottom to the top.
  • Send With CONFETTI
    • Your message is send as usual, and then a hail of confetti drops from the sky (a.k.a the top of your devices screen).
  • Send With LOVE
    • Once your message arrives, a heart balloon blows up from behind your message and flies away.
  • Send With LASERS
    • The disco effect, it creates a dark, foggy background and shoots lasers through your whole screen. Perfect for those moments when you go to the club.
  • Send With FIREWORK
    • Darkens your screen after your message arrived, and blows up beautiful fireworks in the night sky, just work you.
    • Your screen turns into a night sky full of stars, and in the distance you see a blue shooting star go all across your screen.
    • An abstract effect that looks like a roman candle goes off in the top right hand corner of your screen and the sparks land everywhere in your chat window.

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How To Use Message Effects With iOS Messages

How To Use Message Effects With iOS Messages authorMarc

We've prepared this guide for you to get a good idea how these effects look and most importantly, how to use them.

The pictures of course don't really show the effects but you get an idea, and at the end you'll be able to use them and see for yourself!

How To Use Message Effects:

Sending any of your messages with one of the above special effects is actually really easy.

Finish writing your message first, but before you send it you hold the send message button instead of quickly tapping it.

Hold the blue button you normally use to send, for 1-2 seconds, and the special effects screen will pop open.

At the very top you'll see two tabs, one labelled "Bubble" and another one labelled "Screen".

You can select either, and preview any of the effects before actually sending it.

To do so, For Bubble effects simply tap on the grey circle to the right side of the effect name. This will trigger the animation the recipient of your message will see.

For Screen effects, select the "Screen" tab first by tapping on it, then use your finger to swipe from right to left for forward, or left to right for backwards.

The effect preview will trigger automatically for those screen effects.

Now that you know how to use those effects, let's have a look at some examples of what these effects look like.

Or alternatively, now that you're a "Messages Special Effects Specialist" who don't whip out your iPhone and give it a try yourself?

Fireworks, Balloons & Confetti Screen Effects:

Send With Love Effect:

Send With Echo & Send With Spotlight Effects:

Now go ahead and start sending ALL of your messages with special effects, I know I did for a while after discovering them. 

Just ask my friends and family, haha.