Install Android Apps On Windows PC Or Mac

Nowadays it's actually very easy to install just about any mobile application, also on your Windows© PC or Mac© Desktop computer.

There are of course many ways that lead to "Rome", but we will show you our favorite tool. This will enable you to install pretty much any android app you find on the Google Play© or iTunes© store right from inside this software, simply point & click.

Sounds good? Then let's walk you through on how to get this done...

Enter The Bluestacks© Player

This mobile android app player, as already mentioned, has the app store basically already integrated. It's pretty amazing.

1. We start by downloading and installing Bluestacks© on our computer.

The BlueStacks© player is available for for Windows or for macOS .

Download it now for your Operating System and follow the installation instructions.

If you're asked to enter payment info, don't worry... This is used only if you want to complete in-app purchases. If you do not want to enter this info, look at the bottom-left side, you'll find a button labelled "No thank you", clicking this button allows you to skip the payment info process altogether.

2. Installing Android Apps on PC & Mac

Now that you have the Bluestacks© Player installed you are presented with the welcome screen:

For any android app you would like to install, simply click on the download button (looks like a down arrow). You will be redirected to the actual Google Play© store from where you will install the official app.

Click the "Install" button, and the process will start.

Just like installing through the Google Play© app on your mobile phone, clicking the "Install" buttons triggers a small pop-up window listing the permissions that the app requests.

If you agree with these permissions, click "Accept" and the download will start.

Download in progress:

Once the download has finished, you will see two options. Either uninstall the app again or open it. If you choose "Open" the app will start right away and you can immediately use it, just like you would on your mobile device.

That was it already, pretty easy right? In the future, whenever you want to access the app we just installed, all you have to do is to click on the "My Apps" tab inside of the Bluestacks© Player. There you will see all of your apps listed (as well as the official Google Play© app).