Introducing: The AppCircle Team

We are a young & dynamic team from all over the globe. We all share a passion for technology, mobile & apps.

Because of this we don't just work together, we have fun together and share a common experience.

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The Master Of Disaster

Marc has a deep rooted love for programming (mostly PHP) & creating online businesses. Whe...

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Designer & Metalhead DJ

Milos is a naturally creative soul with a wide range of interests. Be it user experience, ...

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Chief Editor & Sunset Catcher

Jovana is our chief editor and main app tester. She loves everything mobile and even in he...

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Viet JB

Wallpaper Editor

Viet is our Wallpaper editor, because she loves pictures, all kinds of pictures. Viet love...

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Ivan R.

App Scientist

Ivan is scientific researcher by day, and app scientist by night. When Ivan isn't writing ...

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